Cooking With A Kettle | Product Design & Layout Design

This project concept came from researching my own culture; I started by looking at my culture progressing onto my friends. One of the cultures he had experienced, and I thought was interesting was prison culture and life. I then asked him if I could conduct multiple interviews with him about prison culture in person and on the phone. That helped me to make better informed decisions on making a cookbook as a lot of the stories had food within them. The cookbook incorporates design elements from the “Culture Zine” I made as development and developed some new elements that are more suited for being in a cookbook.

For the full book click the link: Cooking With A Kettle  

Cooking With A Kettle: Devlopement Porject

This project was part of the development for the cookbook project. I wanted to capture an experience that I had with one of my friends when he went to prison. I wanted to capture the feel of the documented artifacts and use them to push it forward. I used the letters we sent to each other as a design element in the book.


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